Long Reach Automated Side Loader



We think you will agree, the CS9000 is the most energy efficient, highly productive and versatile Automated Side Loader (ASL) in the industry.

The CollecStar CS9000’s long reach and narrow lift system is exclusively available with our route-proven horizontal eject unload body. This safe and stable arm system is designed with an easy-to-maintain lift/dump motion. Other low maintenance features include a simple electrical system that requires no air limit, or proximity switches on lift mechanism. There is no need for PLC or computer control of lift or packer.

9000 Arm Reach
Packing Degree Hopper Door Ram Eject
Fast cycle times, continuous packing and a 50 degree minimum dump angle Easy access hopper door
(single axle model)
Safe horizontal ram
eject unloading eliminates costly multi-stage cylinders
HArdox Wear Plates Hopper Ladder  
Hardox® wear plates and secondary reinforced welds Safe and convenient
hopper access
Maintenance Features


CS9000 Automated Side Loader

• 13 to 37 Cubic Yard Capacity on Single Stream Body
• 24 to 38 Cubic Yard Capacity on 60/40 Split Body

Constructed for Maximum Durability
The CS9000 features our route-proven continuous pack, eject unload, non-telescopic body platform on a straight frame chassis. Floor, roof, and sides are constructed with seamless Hardox 450 Steel. Versatile container-friendly design for 32, 48, 64 and 96 gallon containers. Available with a 3.8 to 6 cubic yard hopper (6 cubic yard/minute displacement at 1200 R.P.M.) with a cover/crusher panel. 

Easy to Maintain
The CS9000 offers a cost effective single section cast iron gear pump at 34 G.P.M. Nylatron® non-tube wear guides on horizontal slides (replaceable without track disassembly).

Maximum Productivity and Safety
Low container dump height with a shrouded hopper to reduce blown debris. Lift arm horizontal and vertical supports are centered in relationship to the hopper and the load to be lifted — this means less wear and fewer parts to be replaced. L.E.D. body and work lights along with up to four optional cameras for operator safety and ease-of-operation.

Reduced Fuel Consumption
Fuel efficient engine idle operation of lift saves not only fuel but engine wear. Meeting today’s environmental concerns with an optional Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) model or a hydraulic drive hybrid.

Best Payload for Supreme Productivity
Our unique body is designed to collect more and meet legal payloads. It’s also designed for safe and easy horizontal unloading without the need for multi-stage cylinders.

Built with seamless Hardox® 450 steel:
• Body floor, sides and roof
• Hopper floor and sides
• Packer guides, track and shoes



Single Axle

Tandem Axle

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